Collection: For the Ladies...All the Ladies

Inspired Jewel is proud to present our female line! We expect this line to grow, shift and change like our male line has. This line is not frilly. It is feminine, but not akin to an old lady atomizer. Much like the male line, the titles sound like paintings. The scents smell like memories that we invite you to get lost in over and over again.

Our female line is available in roller and solid perfume formats. Our rollers are jojoba oil-based and purse/pocket sized (10 ml). Upon request, custom sizes and scents are available. To make these requests please message us through this website or email us at:

Our solids are set in jojoba oil, shea butter and beeswax then poured into a 1 oz covered glass container. Our solids are also purse and bag friendly. Solids are very easy to travel with as they have no liquid to spill and are TSA-friendly.

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