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Try a Limited Edition Scent for a Good Cause!

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The Inspired Jewel is proud to partner with The Imperial Court of Rhode Island at Providence (ICRI) to conduct a reign-long (May 2023 until April 2024) fundraiser for ICRI and its beneficiaries! During this period, 10% of all sales of the scent Put Me In, Coach! will benefit this fundraiser.

The Put Me In, Coach! Line will only be available during the fundraising period.

Currently, Put Me In, Coach! is available in 2 oz. bottles of both regular and sensitive beard oil lines and in our new product: 1 oz. solid colognes.

This scent is inspired by “America’s favorite pastime” - Baseball!

Put Me In, Coach! Starts with our standard base of vitamin E serum set in either Coconut oil (regular line) or Jojoba oil (sensitive line). Then we add in some baseball magic by mixing in some familiar smells: dirt, leather, popcorn, grass and rain with a touch of frankincense. One of our testers told us it reminded him of standing in the outfield smelling his glove waiting for a pop fly!

About our newest product offering: solid colognes

Solid colognes are made with the same fragrance blends that our beard oils are allowing them to match your favorite oils so that you may wear them together or separately. We set the fragrance part of our beard oils into a blend of beeswax, Shea butter and Jojoba oil (no coconut oil in our solid colognes). Then voila... solid cologne!

This option also allows individuals who do not have a beard to wear our fragrances while adding a little moisture to their skin. To apply solid colognes, simply scrape a small amount out, rub on your finger tips to warm it and apply at your pulse points (neck, behind the ears, on your wrists). Your body heat will help activate the scent. Reapply if needed. Solid colognes are very easy to travel with as they fit into bags, pockets, purses, cup holders and make flying a snap as they contain no liquid!

Protip: Do not store solid colognes in a hot location (i.e., a hot car) as the wax will melt.

2 oz bottles of beard oil are: $14 each
1 oz containers of solid cologne are: $9 each

About ICRI: ICRI is a 501 c3, nonprofit, completely volunteer, diverse organization. They exist solely to raise money for other 501 c3, nonprofit organizations within the community and have a great time doing it! ICRI is a chapter of the International Imperial Court System (IICS). Visit ICRI online at

Learn more about the International Court System at

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