About the Inspired Jewel

Inspired Jewel, LLC: (noun)

A company that provides/produces items to help create a happier, healthier, more inspired person (jewel).

About us

Beard oils, natural ingredients, socially conscious and more...

Inspired Jewel, LLC is a micro business located in Rhode Island. We are LGBTQIA+ owned and operated, friendly and supportive of diversity and difference. We are also quite green. Our business operates in a small solar-powered location, and uses recycled and/or repurposed paper goods for packaging and shipping. Many of our supplies are sourced locally and/or are purchased through small businesses (like us)! As a socially conscious business we give back to charity when possible.

Our products use natural ingredients (organic, whenever possible). All combinations are made in-house and often have options that may be customized. We believe in the holistic (whole person) approach to life. No one is without beauty, enjoyment and creativity. Be sure to check back often to see new offerings as we grow! Thank you for your support!

Our Story

The story of our oils is simple. After losing four of the people closest to him, our founder needed a creative outlet to help him process his grief. Making our beard oils is a Zen-like process for our founder. Blending ingredients produces a peaceful harmony that is therapeutic. After gifting them to friends and family it was suggested that these oils become available online.

So, the journey begins...