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A Walk in the Park Paw Butter

A Walk in the Park Paw Butter

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Our canine line is created with your furry friend in mind. Paw butter is created using vitamin E, jojoba oil, beeswax and shea butter mixed with dog-safe essential oils (list available upon request). This mixture is then hardened and set into a 1 oz container. The advantages to paw butter: it keeps the pads of your dog’s feet from chafing in the colder months, it helps to soothe/eliminate burning on foot pads in the warmest months and it smells good - no Cheeto feet!

A Walk in the Park

this might be your first walk together in the park, or your thousandth walk in the park together - it doesn’t matter, you’re both happy to be there. Remember it with the smells of bergamot, citronella and myrrh.

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