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Our beard oils are hand crafted in small batches. We use natural ingredients (organic, whenever possible). All combinations are made in-house and often have options that may be customized. We believe in having healthy and beautiful beards. Not everyone is clean-shaven. Not everyone wears make-up or spends a great deal of time on the hair atop of their head. Beards produce a different, yet similar, sense of pride.

Not everyone can grow a nice, full beard. But if you are lucky enough to have hairy genes and choose to show the world you are proud of them - take care of your facial locks! Our oils are designed to help nourish your beard and the skin underneath. Regardless of the scent (or unscented), all our regular blended oils are made with coconut oil and infused with Vitamin E to help with nourishment, growth, and strength. Our Sensitive Skin line offers the same nourishing Vitamin E, yet is based in Golden Jojoba oil. This limits pore clogging and break-outs.

The story of our oils is simple. After losing 4 of the people closest to him, our founder needed a creative outlet to help him process his grief. Making our beard oils is a Zen-like process for our founder. Blending ingredients produces a peaceful harmony that is therapeutic. After gifting them to friends and family it was suggested that these oils become available online. So, the journey begins...

Using our oils is easy, yet feels luxurious:

  1. Give the bottle a shake (while it is still capped)
  2. Loosen the cap
  3. Squeeze the top
  4. Lift the dropper
  5. Dispense a small amount of product into your hands
  6. Rub hands together and apply to your beard

Pro Tip: For best results, spread evenly and use a beard brush or comb to aid in this process. Adjust the amount you use based on beard length and personal preference. Start slow, go low – try dispensing a half to full dime-sized amount at first. Add more if needed/wanted. (Most full beards take around a nickel to quarter-sized amount.) Your beard will feel softer and look healthier with regular use as part of your grooming routine. Coarser beards generally become softer with regular use. Growth often increases/speeds up as well. Our oils may be used daily, if desired.

We hope you love our oils as much as we do. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. Thank you so much for your support!

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